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Behind the Breakthroughs

Feb 13, 2019

It's Valentine's Week... and this is the sixth vignette that Dr. Nunez shares. In this vignette Dr. Nunez talks about the importance of loving yourself and the true meaning of self-care. Our day-to-day lives keep us busy with parenting, work, and taking care of others, that we often neglect our own needs. It is vital that we take time for ourselves in order for us to be present and to be the best parent, partner, professional, etc. we can be.  

In this episode Dr. Nunez talks about the meaning behind self-love and self-care. In order for us to give love we have to understand what it means to unconditionally love ourselves. We are our own worst critiques and we have the tendency to criticize ourselves rather than saying positive statements that uplift us. Give yourself permission to be selfish and take time out of your day, everyday, to do something that makes your soul happy such as eating a piece of chocolate, going for a walk, etc. The love that you have for yourself is the love that you will attract from others. Remember you can't give love if you don't know how to authentically love yourself.    

MINSHIFT (takeaways) 

  1. Do not feel guilty for wanting to take time for yourself.
  2. Reflect with yourself and by yourself on all the great things that are happening in your life.
  3. Find positive or inspiring words or quotes that resonate with you and write them on sticky tabs and put the tabs throughout your house. You are teaching both you and your children to make positive statements.
  4. Reframe negative statements that children may say.
  5. Do 10 pennies in a jar. Every time you think of a positive thought about yourself or say something to your child that is positive, put a penny in a jar. This helps both parents and professionals look for the positives.