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Behind the Breakthroughs

Mar 20, 2019

In this vignette Dr. Nunez has a discussion around finding what your child loves to do and turning that love into their passion.  So much emphasis is placed on early intervention and academics, however, not much is placed on social and life skills.  It is important to keep your child's future in mind by creating a well-rounded therapeutic program that includes other therapies that encourage your child to be relational and promotes independence. Autism doesn't go away at age 5, 15, or 21.  So what happens to your child when they are older and they have memorized math facts, but don't have any social or life skills?


In this episode Dr. Nunez talks about how to turn your child's strengths and what they naturally gravitate to into functional interests.  She also discusses the importance of thinking about the life skills your child needs to live independently and to start teaching those skills at an early age.  A comprehensive therapeutic program that incorporates social skills, promotes independence, and encourages your child interests is so beneficial for your child's future.   Finding an extra curricular activity based on your child's interests is a great way to have your child socialize with children who share common interests, become independent, and build self-confidence.  Your child's passion will lead to paying jobs in the future, that will ultimately lead to their independence.