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Behind the Breakthroughs

Feb 20, 2019

In this episode we chat with a father who took his son's love for making things into a non-profit organization that teaches trade and technical skills to individuals with autism. From restoring cars and welding, to carpentry and instrument making, this non-profit focuses on finding the talents and skills of each individual. The ultimate goal is to provide individuals with autism the opportunities to explore and work with their hands while finding their passion that will lead them to a lucrative career and to live a great and happy life.

Meet Danny Combs, the founder and owner of Teaching the Autism Community Trades (T.A.C.T.) The concept came out of need because there were no programs that existed where individuals with autism were being taught how to use their hands by learning different trades. Within three years T.A.C.T. has now grown to serve over 400 families and has become the first program in the country where students get class credit for auto mechanics, carpentry, and computer science. The beauty of the program is that it focuses on the talents and strengths of individuals with autism in which the instructors are inspired by their students to do better and be better... and that is what building with T.A.C.T. is all about!