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Behind the Breakthroughs

Apr 30, 2019

Date Yourself

In this episode, Dr. Annette Nunez and co-host, Maylene Johnson, visit the topic of self-care especially for moms! Self-care is extremely important and should be considered a non-negotiable. Your children and family are incredibly important, but it's also important to not let your own wants and needs fall by the wayside.


Dr. Annette Nunez and Maylene Johnson discuss how they practice self-care both as moms and as professionals.  They talk about how they take time for themselves to get out of their funks, and how they learned to let go of “perfection.” They also give their advice on how to find the time to invest in self-care, how to shift your mindset around self-care and how to feel less guilty about treating yourself.  By the end of this episode you will know how to create a foolproof plan of how to care for yourself.  Self-care is truly a non-negotiable and must be looked at as a lifestyle. Tune in to learn how you can shift your mindset around self-care in order to become the best version of yourself!




MINDSHIFT (takeaways)

  1. Self-care is a necessity and a non-negotiable, so start changing your mindset and start thinking about how you need to take time away in order to be your best self.
  2. Date yourself and put yourself into your schedule!
  3. Have conversations with yourself and ask yourself: What is going to fuel me today? What brings me happiness? Plan and consider your self-care every day.