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Behind the Breakthroughs

Jun 25, 2019

It is Behind the Breakthroughs 50thepisode and it is time to celebration!!! In this Episode Dr. Annette Nunez and Maylene Johnson talk about their great podcast season of 25 episodes and highlight each one.  They express their gratitude of being able to connect with and to share the stories of such amazing people. Listen to this episode and get a recap and highlight of Season 2 and if you missed an episode so you can go back and listen to all the inspiring journeys that were shared.




MINDSHIFT (takeaways)

1. Listen to the podcast and reach out to us! If you have a story we would love to connect! This is your platform!

2. Find us, Search Behind the Breakthroughs and Comment, subscibe, review, we are on all major platforms: iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Google Podcasts.

3. Listen, and share these stories its all about building a tribe and community because you are not alone. We started this podcast to relate to others so you don’t feel alone!