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Behind the Breakthroughs

Apr 18, 2018

Looking Behind the Breakthroughs:

Meet Dr. Annette Nunez and Maylene April Visaya, LPC who are licensed psychotherapists based out of Denver, Colorado.  Combined they have over 30 years of experience in working with children with autism.  Come and join them as they will share with you their inspirational stories “Behind the Breakthroughs” that have lead to each of their client’s journey to success.  Looking Behind the Breakthroughs is an introductory podcast meant to inspire and empower moms, professionals, and women in hopes of creating a community where autism has no limits.

 Are you a mother who has a child with autism? Are you a professional working with children with autism?  Do you often doubt your parenting or your work as a professional? We are here to tell you that doubt is normal and this is your journey… your story… Behind YOUR Breakthrough.  In this episode we will go over that autism has no limits, just like life has no limits.  We will encourage you identify what success means to you and for your child.  We will also teach you about the concept of Mindshifting during times of doubt and stress the importance self-care and we are here to tell you that everything will be O.K.


-Introduction to Dr. Annette Nunez and Maylene April Visaya. 

-Dr. Nunez has a private practice, Breakthrough Interventions, where she specializes in providing therapy to children with autism and other related disorders. 

-Many inspirational stories have come out of Breakthrough Interventions that Dr. Nunez and Maylene would like to share with the public.  These stories are “Behind the Breakthroughs.”

- Behind the Breakthroughs are conversations around “Autism Has No Limits.” 

-We tend to look at the breakthrough itself, and don’t really look at the lesson going on behind those breakthroughs.

-We believe that autism has no limits and when you set the bar high your child can reach his/her goals.

-Success is different for everyone. This podcast will help you identify success and what success means to you. 

-They say children with autism can’t connect. That is wrong. We help coach parents to connect with their child.

-There are always highs and lows “Behind the Breakthroughs.” These highs and lows are called life. 

-Life evolves as you evolve. As your child evolves, you evolve to be the parent you want to be and the parent your child with autism needs. 

-Self-care is knowing when you need to be in a good space before you can be available and present for your family and most importantly for your child with autism.

-Knowing what you need for yourself to help balance and center yourself so that you can be available for others. 

-Learn to listen to your needs before others. When your needs are not met, you will not be present to help fulfill the needs of others.  For example sometimes after a hard week, you just need delicious food. 

-It’s great to have a behavior plan that looks good on paper.  But when you’re at the store and your child is having a meltdown in the middle of everything.  You are nervous and getting frustrated.  People are looking at you like you’re a bad parent.  You can’t get your child off the floor and they are screaming.  Those behavior plans that look good on paper however they are useless in real life situations.  That’s the real life of parenting a child with autism. 

-We want to help parents get back to their natural instincts of parenting so they can help their child breakthrough.

-We want to help you become your child’s expert and trust your innate parental instincts.

-We want your child to get connected with you and with your family.

-In this podcast we will be talking about “Mindshifts.”

- This podcast is a time to unplug and relate as women and re-connect with oneself.

-Instead of saying challenging, refer to children as colorful or spirited. We need to break away from words with negative connotations.

-Life doesn’t give you things you can’t handle 

-Kids teach you about yourself, your patience, your understanding of compassion and empathy.

-There’s beauty in not knowing and in those moments are opportunity for growth.

-Life isn’t about perfection.  It is about the work.  Behind the Breakthroughs is sharing real life stories, the work behind the Breakthroughs.

-No matter how hard it gets, no matter how difficult life gets, it’ll be ok. When you’re in the thick of things, remember the successes you overcame to get where you are.

Learn to Mindshift… Below are the three Mindshifts from this podcast:

  1. Re-define how you perceive and view autism. Autism has no limits.


  1. Start making self-care a lifestyle by recognizing what things make you feel good.


  1. Identify negative thoughts and stop them by saying, ”It’s going to be ok.” Whether you know the solution or can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Stop that train of negative thought and let things come to you. Let life happen. Shift that negative thought to a positive. Life will be o.k.



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Breakthrough Interventions



“Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”  -Arthur Asche