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Behind the Breakthroughs

Sep 26, 2018

Dr. Nunez shares her personal health journey and how she came to the realization that mind, body, and soul truly work as one. When it was recommended that Dr. Nunez have an invasive surgery she decided to trust her intuition and find alternative methods of curing herself. Listen to this episode to find out how she cured herself and how her alternative approach to health can help others.

In this episode Dr. Nunez talks about her 90 day health journey. She discusses the importance of diet, alternative medicines, and the power of positive thoughts. Despite what Doctors have to say, she encourages you to trust your intuition because ultimately you are your own expert.. and it is her intuition that led her become healthy.


  • This podcast is a personal one about Dr. Nunez’s inner journey with her mind, body, and soul.
  • She talks about what she did to make herself as healthy as she could be within the past 90 days.
  • Eight years ago she had precancerous cells in her body. She had a procedure done that got rid of the cells. Fast forward 8 years and she found out that the precancerous cells came back.
  • The cells were stage 3, which is the last stage before the cells turn into cancer.
  • Her doctors recommended that she get hysterectomy.
  • This is where Dr. Nunez's journey began…
  • She began to research cancer, the causes of cancer, how cancerous cells feed off each other, alternative medicine, diets, top homeopathic doctors, oncologists, etc.
  • She made appointments with a homeopathic doctor, an oncologist, and a Reiki Master.
  • The homeopath had her follow a protocol of starting an alkaline diet for 90 days, getting B12 shots once a month, taking a probiotic and herbal remedies.
  • She explains how the diet was the hardest because she loves food, but she was determined to stick to it.
  • During this 90 day period she re-read the book, You Can Heal Your Life, started meditating, and began to turn her negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • Nunez also saw an oncologist that specialized in the type of cancer she may have. She expresses how it was one of the most amazing and positive experiences she ever had with a Doctor. The staff had a good bedside manner, they were tender, and they really cared about people.
  • The oncologist assured her she was in a good place and sat down with her and explained what was going on.
  • After 30 days Dr. Nunez went back to her original Doctor and explained to her about the 90 day protocol. Her Doctor’s response was, “You know that isn’t going to work, but at least you will be healthy. The Doctor also rolled her eyes when Dr. Nunez told her that the oncologist said she was in a good place.
  • Nunez left the office soooo angry and upset. Later that day she began looking for another Doctor.
  • She explained how she was more determined than ever to stick to the alkaline diet and proceed with the 90 day protocol to prove this Doctor wrong.
  • In addition to the protocol, Dr. Nunez started to see a chiropractor, got massages, started practicing yoga 6-7 days a week, starting seeing a Reiki Master, and cut back on her work hours.
  • She also really worked on getting in a routine of taking her dogs to this beautiful park near my house in order to immerse herself in nature and see all the beauty in the trees, sky, etc.
  • Throughout this process she was really cautious about who she shared her situation with. She only shared this journey with certain people who were positive. She did not share it with people who would worry and put their negative energy towards her situation.
  • After 90 days she had the procedure to remove the precancerous cells. The procedure was performed by her new Doctor that approved of the protocol.
  • This Friday she was in Miami visiting friends and she received a phone from her Doctor telling her that she would not need to get hysterectomy. The stages of the precancerous cells decreased and the margins of where the cells had spread had decreased as well.
  • The Doctor also said, "Whatever you did worked!" and to continue with what she was doing.
  • Nunez relates this story to her clients and their journey. Many Doctors in the beginning will tell parents what their kids won't or can't do instead of focusing on what their kids can do.
  • It's important to find Doctors that believe in your child and focus on the cans instead of the cant's.
  • She is also sharing this story because of the power of positivity, power of diet, and letting everyone know to trust their instinct.
  • For parents... trust your instinct... If your not comfortable with what Doctor's have to say, do your research. Look for alternative methods, diets, acupuncture, etc.
  • Do no accept no as your answer.
  • For professionals Dr. Nunez shares her journey to remind professionals the importance of self care.
  • Professionals need to know their limits, take breaks, etc. It is not being selfish, it is being honest.
  • It is important to take care of yourself so you can be healthy and available for others. 

Mindshift (takeaways) 

  1. Read the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.
  2. Practice trusting your intuition. Begin by asking yourself a yes or no question about simple life decisions. The first answer that comes to you is your intuition talking to you… Trust it!
  3. Recognize negative thoughts that you have. When you have a negative thought reframe it and change it into something positive and say that positive thought out loud.