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Behind the Breakthroughs

Apr 10, 2019

In this episode we chat with the first openly autistic lawyer who practices law in Florida.  She shares with us her journey from being non-verbal at the age of three to recently passing the Bar.  With her families support and her positive outlook on life this autistic female gives back to the community through her books, artwork, and speaking out about the importance of neurodiversity.  Her famous quote, " Different isn't bad, it's just different, and different can be extraordinary" is an adequate description of autism.


Meet Haley Moss author, artist, advocate, speaker, and lawyer (just to name a few of her jobs.)  Haley talks about her incredible journey from sharing her ealiest memories of the different types of therapies she participtaed in, to her stim behaviors, to fitting in socially in middle and high school, to attending law school.  From an early age she was told that autism was a positive thing and nothing to be ashamed of. She turned this positivity into becoming an artist, writer, and ultimitaly becoming a lawyer.  She is a true example of what autism is versus what autism isn't.  No autistic individual should be placed in a box as everyone has an inspiring and extraordinary story like Haley.  This is an episode you want to listen to!