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Behind the Breakthroughs

Apr 3, 2019

In this episode we chat with a mother, Kathryn Jenkins, who wanted to open up the conversation about autism and what it means to be inclusive within a home and school environment.  As a mother of three sons, one who is diagnosed with autism, a huge part of their life is the ability to include everyone and to create family traditions in which everyone within the family is successful.  She took her passion for inclusion and wrote a children's book in hopes of educating schools and the community about what it means to be inclusive. 


Meet Kathyn Jenkins, the author of "The Inclusion Alphabet."  The book's storyline is based on Kathryn's real life experiences.  It is about a boy who struggles to make friends, a girl who feels different, and a man who meets a stranger that changes his life.  The storyline is created around the alphabet with meaningful words such as empathy, different, forgiveness, and gratitude.  The intention of these words to help children and adults understand what it means to be inclusive. The book was written for anyone to enjoy, however, Kathryn's ultimate goal is to get it into as many elementary schools as possible.  Teaching children to be compassionate and inclusive at a young age makes for inclusive adults in the future.  P.S. listen to the end of the podcast where Kathryn shares a poignant story about her son and a lemonade stand.


MINDSHIFT (takeaways)

  1. Autism can be confusing, heartbreaking, and enlightening.Autism can also be freeing too.
  2. If we meet each other half way... we can do something really great and make big changes in classrooms and within the home.